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Top 3 Twitter Tips for Autism Advocates

Or how to engage your followers to action without being blocked, muted or ignored.


I have a family member who has 17,000 twitter followers and counting.  Basically, the population of a medium-sized town in the Midwest.  Someone once asked, when their following was shared, “So are they someone famous?”  I can’t guarantee that these tips will get you 17,000 followers in less than two years, but at the very least you should be able to increase the number of followers who become strong supporters of you and your cause.


Tip # 1 Do not ask for an RT from someone if you don’t follow them or they don’t follow you.

Sorry but that’s just rude: I’ve never met you, and apparently you don’t think that I’m worth following, but because I have 500 or more followers you’re just going to hit me up to RT your cause/book/pamphlet/youtube video/ipad app?  I’m not saying that someone will RT you if you follow them or if they are one of your followers, but if there’s no connection at all then don’t be surprised if you are permanently blocked on top of not getting an RT.


Tip #2  It’s a community not a commercial loop.

So you followed me and I checked your profile and, because you’re not a spammer account set up to sell me 5K followers for $25, I decide to follow you back.  Well, if all I get in return for following you is numerous tweets about your ipad app or youtube video then you’ve lost me as a follower: I may mute you (NEW FEATURE ON TWITTER) instead of unfollowing you, or remove you from one of the lists I actively read.  And, sadly, I may have been someone who believed in your product or cause.  However, it becomes like a boy who cries wolf scenario in that I not only fail to hear your endless commercial on your current product or concern, but I also don’t get to hear when you have something new and of interest to me.


Tip #3 Make me care about you as well as your cause.

When one of my favorite autism advocates shared pics of his birthday presents, and people in droves wished him a happy birthday, I knew that his having 100K followers wasn’t a fluke.  Let your personality come out on twitter: unlike Facebook, you can update your status every five minutes without annoying your friends.  How much you share is a personal decision, and sometimes less is more, but if I believe in both you AND your cause, you have succeeded in turning me from a follower into a raving fan.